N.O. XPLODE WILL TAKE YOUR HEAD OFF (and ruin your chair).

I have been using workout supplements for the past year and a half of training. And one of the things I learned early on is that you have to cycle these things on and off, or else a) they wear your body down, and b) once that happens, resistance forms and you end up just pissing them away, wasting money.

My supplement regimen is a very simple one: Muscle Stack from MyoGenesis (Creatine for volumization, Glutamine for sustained aerobic energy, zinc and magnesium to promote testosterone production), protein powder, and an energy booster. My choice for months and months was VPX's "Redline".

Redline, quite simply, is rocket fuel. It's INSANE. It makes you want to run through walls like the Kool-Aid man. The problem is, your body builds up a tolerance to it over time, so you have to come off of it for a month or so every three months for it to do any good. I've also noticed that your "useful cycle" (that is, the three months it actually works) begins to taper to 2 months, then to one month between "rest cycles."

So I decided to try something new. After many, many recommendations, I bought a bottle of N.O. XPLODE from GNC:

I took three scoops before working out. It takes about thirty minutes to really get moving in your system, but once it does...


I had to stop after every single lift to catch my breath. I felt like I was sprinting a mile every time I did a movement. My heart was pounding and I was sweating like a madman. But even with the huffing and the puffing, the energy was there - I was able to push as hard as I used to with the Redline product, doing extra reps and staying at a higher weight longer than I normally would.

So, as an experiment, I took some just as a "wake me up" this morning, instead of coffee.

Don't do this.

I am sitting here at my desk, literally shaking in a cold sweat. My heart is pounding and I'm sitting on towels trying to keep from ruining my chair with my perspiration. I have had to retype several words while writing this due to the jitters in my fingertipss. I think I'm going to have to go run a few miles just to get this stuff to settle down. At any rate, a change of clothes and a shower are definitely called for right about now.