More deviant than furries (SFW)

You know, it's awfully hard for me to talk about deviant sexual lifestyles.

Now, I'm not talking about homosexuality, because homosexuality isn't deviant, it's inborn. And I'm not talking about BDSM, or role-play / cosplay, because I don't really consider any of that "deviant" because a significant enough number of people engage in those behaviors (note, not signifigant - signifigant ENOUGH) that it's not really something I consider strange or unusual. It's not what I do, but hey, it works for some folks.

What I'm referring to is the actual fringe of sexual behavior. Furries, Plushies, Beasties, and the like. And this new one I just learned about, Objectums, makes them look normal by comparison:

I find this sort of thing hard to discuss because, deep down, I really want to be accepting of these folks. I want to just accept that, hey - it's their gig, they don't hurt anyone doing it, and at the end of the day, we all have our little peccadilloes that we do - sexual and non-sexual - that bring strange looks and judgment from people.

But fucking a tilt-a-whirl is about where I draw the line. That chick is a freak.