MI Meetup Ohio Recap

Geez, this is a bit late, huh?

Anyway, we had a great time in Ohio. I have no pictures, so forgive that (I think people took some, and they're being emailed, so I'll update with pics when I get them).

These things usually go pretty well, so I'll spare you the "I think I did alright" bullcrap and stick to talking more about the stuff that was different this time around. This is the first meetup Andrea's ever been to, and for the most part, it was exactly what she expected. What she DIDN'T expect was to be the center of attention, so that was a bit strange for her. She had a great time, and really enjoyed meeting the Columbus crowd.

This was also the first time I've done 2 talks in one day. I didn't think it'd be a challenge, but one of the aspects I didn't really consider until I got to the 2nd talk was that a majority of the audience had already heard me talk for an hour at the book signing - so I had to go into new territory for the 2nd talk, but I couldn't just flat-out leave off the book-related stuff because there were new audience members for the 2nd talk. So it was kinda challenging to be new and original with the same old stuff. But I think I did alright - those listening are better judges of that.

Speaking of the talks, I had several non-me-related challenges with this meetup. First, God decided to go dump snow all over Columbus the day of the signing and meetup. This probably wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't the first real snow of the year, which resulted in just about everyone on the roads FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. We saw more knocked-over lightposts on High Street than I've ever seen in my life. It took us 30 minutes to crawl almost 2 miles from a restaurant to the bookstore. But despite the weather, everyone still came and helped make the event fun.

The bookstore, Aeropagitica Books, was fantastic though. They actually set up coffee and cookies for us! It was killer! I cannot possibly thank them enough for stepping in and hosting all of us - they were delightful and accomodating, and I will definitely sign there again for SURE.

Now, Kafe Kerouac... that's a different story sort-of. Even though I called and booked the place, and they had me on their website and signs, the worker-bee behind the counter that evening had no idea I was coming in, so she did very little to help us get the room set up. In fact, it was inhabited by OSU students cramming for their finals. I felt like a dick when we arrived, because we pretty much forced them out.


But the night went well, we had about 30 in the room listening to me go on and on about myself and stories and Penguin and whatnots. We had a few brand-newbies to the whole "Joe" thing, and I think at first they had no idea what to expect - but once they saw me talking and listened to a few stories, they knew that I was insane and there was no good reason to actually sit through all this. But speaking with Andrea really helped, since she's sane and worth talking to. So she kept them around.

Outside of the signing, I've been on the road quite a lot this week, and will be travelling until Thursday. December is usually a very busy travel month for me, and it's good that it's centered around things I like doing this year. Next year will be even more insane, given that I have an agreed-upon book signing quota I have to fill. Which cities will I go to then, I wonder?

Anyway, very special thanks to Nick (SexCPotatoes) and Tonee (TimeRacer) for setting the whole thing up. You guys rock. And thanks to everyone for coming out and sharing some laughs and brews and pizza with us. I had a blast, and I hope you did too.