Just got into an accident? Need help from a bystander to live? Fuck you.

This just blows my mind. Can you imagine getting sued because you didn't sit by and let a person suffer in a mangled car after a wreck? What if someone needed CPR and you gave it to them, but broke a rib in the process? Or if someone was in a burning building and you rushed in to save them, tripped with them on your shoulder, and had them fall and receive a bruise?

I understand from a PURELY LEGAL standpoint where this decision is coming from. If you consider it from the standpoint of who is responsible for individual injuries, and someone's about to die from smoke inhalation in a mattress factory fire, and you drag them out by the arm and dislocate their shoulder in the process... Yeah, you caused them harm. For the courts to say "no, you cannot sue this person for injuring you because they were attempting to render aid" is to completely nullify any and all basis for malpractice by any doctor or licensed medical professional... I mean, sure, they inject you with penicillin even though you had a medic alert bracelet saying you were allergic, but they were trying to help, so they're not liable, right?

But really, fuck you if you actually go through with that lawsuit. I understand that you wouldn't have gotten an injury if not for my actions, but I just yanked your ass out of a fire, or got your heart going, or caused you to start breathing, or kept a train from nailing you on the tracks... Show a little fucking gratitude, huh?

Here's the thing - even if I knew I was going to get sued, I'd still have to help. I couldn't stand by and allow something as petty and stupid as a lawsuit keep me from watching someone die. I hold an ardent belief that if someone needs your help and you're capable of giving it, and refuse to do so, you're liable for any ill that befalls them. But I swear to God, if I ever save any of you from anything and you sue me for it, I'm going to give you a few more injuries you can sue me for.