Joe's top 10 most popular posts of 2008

Since every other blog in the freakin' world is doing this, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and list out the top 10 most popular posts I made in 2008. Even though 2008 isn't quite over yet, it's pretty safe to do this, as I plan to update my blog with pictures of cats and traffic mishaps for the rest of the year. I have NOTHING worth writing about at the moment.

Traffic and read figures come from adding up all reads on my journal, as well as Facebook, MySpace and Livejournal (where my blog is syndicated in full). You'll notice the spike that occurs between numbers 10 and 9, and number 8 and beyond. 10 and 9 are what happens when I write something people email or bookmark on Del.icio.us and pass around, and 8 begins the postings to Fark, Reddit, Digg and whatnot.

And now, the list:

10) Ten Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage (and How Stupid They Are): The title pretty much spells out the article. I wish this one was much more popular, but it seems that it was outshone by fist fighting, Xbox error codes, Athiests and - of course - bacon mac and cheese.

9) Pizza Hut's Bacon Mac & Cheese Sucks Butts: Not really the title of the article, but it's true.

8) 80169d94: The error code that appears on Xbox Live when your account is marked for "fraud". It's a protection that Microsoft levies on your behalf, since they think someone's been trying to steal your info. What it really means is that you can't add Microsoft Points to your account by any method, which means you can't buy the new Rush music packs on Rock Band. Which is infuriating. This one is huge in Google, and it's my number one "search term" traffic source. Which makes me sad, since it means so many people can't buy Rush music packs for Rock Band.

7) The Top 20 Workout Songs Ever Ever: Just my little mixtape for the internet. Caused a rather long discussion on workout music at Fark. Fun fun fun.

6) The Tattoo Recap: It got posted on Japanator and Wired, and from there, the internet got to know my left arm pretty intimately. I just hope it turns into traffic for Todo, because he's a badass.

5) The Absolute Beginner's Guide To Working Out: A huge topic for a huge audience, and one I'm VERY proud to have written. I've been emailed a LOT about this article, more than any other. I guess people don't like commenting publically when they're just starting out with the gym, but I'm honored that so many folks found this to be the inspiration and education they needed to better their life. In 2009, I'll be doing a full series on working out for the average person, including videos of how to do every exercise I do and why they're good for you. I think that the majority of videos and how-to's out there include images of these top 1% of human being bodies, and that really throws people off and deflates them. I think if an average guy with a bit of a gut but a lot of fitness were to produce a series on how you can be livably, sustainably fit, it'd do a lot of people good. Maybe I'm wrong tho.

4) Why Men Fist-Bump: What can I say? Kid n' Play wins them over every time.

3) The "Swiffer WetJet Gonna Kill Yo' Puppy" email forward: Again, a rant turns into a movement. Who knew? What's really amazing is the fact that this article was done in the middle of December and skyrocketed to #3 on my list. It also started quite a long chemestry debate on Reddit. Insane.

2) How To Actually Talk To Atheists (If You're Christian). I don't have the first clue what to say about this one. I guess my rants make sense to people... Either that, or there's a TON of unicorn lovers out there. The only real opinion I have on this one is that I'm glad it's getting some discussion, because it's a topic that really resonates with me. The dichotomy between "being a Christian" and "acting like a Chrisitan" is one of the most interesting things in the world. It's probably my 2nd favorite thing to talk about, next to Battlestar Galactica. Also, it was officially blessed and recommended by no less than the Church of England. Holy crap, right?

1) How to Actually Win A Fist Fight: I had no idea this would end up being so popular (or even popular at all). It ended up on Digg, Fark, Reddit and StumbleUpon, then on every single MMA and fighting forum on the net (just about). And it still gets over 1,000 reads a week. Just goes to show, you never know what's going to resonate with people. Another article I am extremely proud of, based on the emails I've received from folks who have either won their first fist fight (mostly young teens who used to get bullied) or have gained a measure of confidence just from knowing the rules.

I hope you enjoyed my little corner of the internet in 2008, and I will go ahead and tell you not to expect much in the way of good stuff in 2009, because I used up all my creative juice in 2008. I'm depleated. Expect nothing but kitten pictures and recipies for halibut next year.