2008 recap - worst year ever (especially for Zune owners)

So yesterday, I twittered (tweeted?) a little missive about how I thought 2008 was one of the worst years ever. A lot of you agreed.

Then, this morning, I saw on Gizmodo that, apparently, every Microsoft Zune 30gb device has frozen at the same time. That's every Zune that anyone purchased, anywhere across the globe (all 12 of them).

So, let's go through the list, in no particular order, of things that happened to me and the world this year:

And all of this made 2008 pretty damn bad... But then, Microsoft Zune owners experiencing simulatneous freezing on the last day of the damn year - that capped it. Worst year ever. Not even finding my beloved Nike Air Minots could save the year.

There were a bunch more stupid events in 2008, but I'm tired of looking through my blog history and Wikipedia's 2008 recap now. If you can think of some I missed, please comment and let me know what they were (or, shitty shit that happened to you - either one is valid).