You take communion with that mouth?

Jesus fucking Christ!

I thought the Conservapedia entry on Barak Obama was bad... Then, someone sent me the Christopedia entry.

I'm not going to even bother arguing against either of these entries, as it's akin to arguing with children about how there isn't actually a monster under the bed. Irrational fear is exactly that -irrational.

But I do wonder, having been raised a Christian and knowing the Bible, why Christians fear Barak Obama - who they believe to be the anti-christ - becoming president. Isn't it part of the rapture that the anti-christ actually take control of the Earth? If you fight that and win, doesn't that fuck up the final call to home?

Aren't you then actively trying to disrupt God's plan? And doesn't that make you a sinner?

Christian fundie nutjobs should have voted FOR the antichri... I mean, Obama. And those of you who voted against him are going right to hell.

(Note - this isn't really a political post, per se. It's more a religious post, and I will never, ever promise to keep discussion about religion out of my blog, because - as you can see - it's wayyyyy too hard.)