Um... It's just something in my eye. Honest.

How the hell does a YTMND make me cry? I mean, this is the site that gave us "Nigga stole my bike" and "Paris Hilton never changes facial expresssions" and of course the Captain Picard song... There's nothing serious or even meaningful there, is there?

I watched Star Wars Episode 3 tonight, and was kinda giggling to myself about the "Nooooooooolercoaster" YTMND, and figured I'd go dig through the site and laugh a bit. Then I ran across this one, and... Well, I dunno. It just hit me.

So I thought I'd share.

Go on with your day now. Quit staring at the big jock with a tear in his eye.

And sorry for not linking to the others I mentioned, although they're easy enough to find.