Trying something new

For a while now, I've used a desktop and a laptop to do my work. I had mirrored environments on both machines, and would treat each like the other in terms of productivity, programs opened, and overall use.

One thing I've noticed is that, when I'm out of my office and working in the field, when i shut down IM and email and focus on work, I actually get it done. But I only do this when I'm out of my office - otherwise, all my points of contact with the outside world are wide open. This makes working on the desktop and the laptop somewhat less productive when I'm home.

So, today, I cleaned up my office and removed all of my "chatty" apps from the desktop. I've also removed my mail client, and have my laptop email backing up directly to the offsite storage (instead of going from the laptop to the desktop, then to offsite). My laptop has moved from the end of my desk, to the other side of my desk where I can spin around and do my "communications" working (email, IM, etc) when I need to do it, otherwise, I can focus on writing and drawing pretty pictures on the deskop with the laptop out of sight.

Let's see if it helps.