Review Time: Quantum of Solace

The critics are dipshits. Quantum of Solace RULES.

Unless you didn't like Casino Royale, in which case you're a dipshit too.

That's it, that's my review. Go see it. Or don't, it's just a movie. Which RULES. Unless you didn't like Casino Royale. But everyone liked Casino Royale. Everyone with taste, that is. Which is unfair to say, because taste is a matter of personal preference and is thus subjective. Except in this case, where it's so plainly obvious that Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace both absolutely RULE.

Unless you don't like them. Which is your opinion, and that's fine, I respect your right to have it.

But you're a dipshit if you don't like them.

You know why?

... Come on, you know why.

Because they RULE.