I'm so domesticated

Now I'm not sure if you know this or not, but my friends and my wife will tell you that I am a really, really good cook.

I'm not chef-quality, but I'm good. It's one of two things I'm not afraid to boast about and I have complete confidence in - that should tell you a lot.

Lately, I haven't been cooking much, mostly because it's just too easy to go plop a few lean pockets in the microwave and go about my day. So, Andrea surprised me yesterday under the guise of "Weekend after Thanksgiving Shopping" and took me to Williams-Sonoma and let me go wild.

And wild I did go. It was incredible - I now own a 12 quart All-Clad stockpot, with which I made today some of the most awesomest chili ever. I roasted a pork loin, browned some ground turkey and then stir-fried it with chopped chorizo and garlic, with some olive oil, then dumped it all into some chicken stock with pureed tomatoes, green chilis, some chili powder, and some other crap.

And just now, I consumed my first ever homemade cinnamon roll (made from this recipie):

I made this.


Anyway, I'm just posting this to say I love my wife. And also make you jealous.