I am an Xbox 360

My friend Jay told me last night that I am an Xbox 360.

I have tons of content, which is fun to play and pretty cutting-edge in terms of the industry. I process things fast and I entertain you immensely... When I'm actually running. I keep getting red rings of death and have to be repaired, which takes months at times.

When I'm working, I'm awesome... But I'm broken so much that people end up turning to their PS3, or worse swapping to movies and tv. And like the 360, not having access to this entertaining thing you spent so much time loving makes you resent its absence... And in extreme cases, that frustration actually makes you hate it for being so great and so absent.

As much as I hate to admit it, he's pretty much right... Except that I'm not awesome. I just have pretty faceplates you can put on.