How do I feel about Prop 8?

I was asked by a friend of mine tonight (hey, Christie!) how I felt about California's Proposition 8 (which is basically the ban on same-sex marriage, or to be fair, the proposition that defines marriage as union between a man and a woman).

Well, from a strictly federalist standpoint, I believe that the citizens of California are the best to ask that question to, as I don't live in California and can't do anything about Prop 8 directly, short of moving there and voting on it during the next election.

Morally? I think it's big, big bullshit.

I wrote a little thing back in June; a rebuttal to this stupid misguided retarded right-wing "Ten Arguments against Gay Marriage" email thing that was forwarded to me AGAIN by overly-religious family members. I thought it was fairly clear where I stand on the topic of gay marriage, and I have to state here and now that if my friends and acquaintances would just read my stupid blog every single day, they'd know this stuff already!

That's actually one of the things I've discovered in the 10-ish years I've been writing on the internet - just because you wrote it down and posted it somewhere, you can't assume everyone knows about it - and even if they do, you can't make them interested in reading it. It's not for everyone, you know... This "reading" thing. It's an acquired taste.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I feel like the sacrament of Marriage was developed within the bounds of religion, and religion - for whatever reason - is in love with getting in the way of progress (so long as that progress is attempted during their lifetime... For all the insanity I've heard pouring out of religious zealots' mouths over the CERN Large Hadron Collider bring about the end of days, I haven't heard any crying over the use of the microwave oven...). But regardless, I think that it's just a damn word that means you're bonding your life with another person; gender be damned.

What the hell business is it of mine if two men or two women decide that they want to share checkbooks, credit cards, and power of attorney? Just because YOU don't believe two men can love one another as much as you love your spouse doesn't mean it doesn't happen, and that mindset is the mindset of a bigoted hunk of garbage. Love knows no bounds, my friends - it's not a choice you make, it something that takes control of you and makes you into a new person, and I refuse to allow anyone to tell me that that's a gender-specific thing.

In fact, I'd say that in 2008, expressions of love between gay couples that extend all the way to marching on street corners for days on end to protect their right to be with someone they love is a testiment to the sincerety of that love... You KNOW none of them are trying to get married because they accidentally got their partner pregnant, and none of them give a fuck about what the neighbors will think.

You can't tell me that Bristol Palin's upcoming nuptuals are all bells and bluebirds, my friends.

All I know is that, if someone told me I couldn't marry my wife, I'd rip their arm off and beat them with it. I applaud homosexuals the world over for not ripping arms off of social bigots and beating them.

You gay folk have some restraint, I'll tell ya.