A 4 mile game of poker

Some folks asked what the hell my tweet meant today.

My dog has some trouble with her hips, and the vet we go to recently acquired a new "laser" therapy machine. It basically shoots a laser that penetrates through the body and heats the muscles and tissues, giving them a "deep heat massage." She's been through three of them so far, and it seems to help a lot.

As for a 4-mile game of poker, well... Andrea's doing Team in Training (I won't be able to this time around, for reasons that I can announce in January, but I'll be helping her fundraise - look forward to my begging you for cash soon). There's a fundraiser tonight where participants visit stations along a 4-mile course. Each station hands you a playing card. The longer you run, the more cards you get (up to 10). The best 5-card poker hand that night amongst the runners wins an iPod Shuffle.

Yay. Can't wait to run 4 miles for that.