A strange way to conduct an experiment...

Since the theft of my truck from my FREAKIN' DRIVEWAY!!!! on Sunday, I've been unknowingly conducting an experiment.

Usually, when I work (or when I'm not working, or when I'm thinking about working or not working, or basically 24 hours a day) I have music playing. I cannot live without music. Music is my blood. Music carries oxygen and Doritos dust to my brain. If my house caught on fire, and I could only save one thing, I'd probably be listening to music while I saved that one thing.

So yeah, music.

Anyway, since Monday morning, I've been working in total silence. I didn't even realize it until literally 10 minutes ago. I haven't been watching CNN, I haven't been listening to music, I haven't had anything on that might drown out the sound of some sneaky masked thieves creeping down my driveway and stealing my FREAKIN' TRUCK FROM MY FREAKIN' DRIVEWAY again.

Those motherfuckers.

So yeah, all week this week, I've been drawing pretty pictures and writing code and emails to the sound of the ceiling fan, and not much more... And I've also noticed this week, I've been quite a bit more productive.

I don't know if it's the fact that I have no music (and thus no distractions), or if it's that I want to just focus on work so I don't think about FREAKIN' THIEVES and the violation of my little sanctuary back here. But productivity has abounded, and how.

So now that I'm 100% conscious of the fact that I'm not playing music, I'm going to attempt to work the rest of the day without it, and see if the awareness of lack of music does anything to screw with this seemingly harmonious state I've developed for myself. I am going to focus solely on the work itself, not allowing my mind to realize that all I can hear is wind and some electric buzzing from above. I'm going to see if this lack of... Um... Arranged noises, or whatever it's called, makes me more creative.

I can feel myself straining to find... Um... That thing that means a collection of letters that expresses ideas. For writing.


Screw this. Pantera ahoy!