News Junkie

So I broke the resolution about writing in this journal every day, and the one about writing a new story every week. I figure, what the hell, I might as well break the information junkie resolution too.

Every single day, nearly 14 hours a day, for two and a half weeks, I've been watching CNN, reading Fark and Reddit, and generally going on a news binge. It's been impossible not to for me - I just can't resist. I've been riding the Palin pony. I've been snorting long, descending lines of Dow Jones reports. I am completely hopped up on the juice. Off the wagon. I've got track marks.

But really, who could look away the past two and a half weeks? I mean... The Dow has lost every ounce of value it's accrued since 1995. My house is worth less now than when I bought it 7 years ago. My 401K is now a 7K and declining. There's a g-dropping hockey mom with no common fucking sense in position to possibly become president, and people think the other presidential candidate is a baptist muslim terrorist communist - but really, they just think he's a black fella, and that makes them queasy. Our government just used our money to effectively nationalize our banks and buy our homes. And Barry Melrose is back to coaching hockey again.


It occured to me last Friday as I walked through the casinos in Las Vegas that this year - 2008 - will be one that our children and our childrens' children will read about in their history books. We're living history right here and now. A fundamental shift is taking place in the course of our national development - and I haven't decided yet if it's toward overt facism, a corporate oligarchy, or setting the stage for a "state of emergency" sometime at the end of this month, the result of which will see our elections suspended and the current administration in power until the 'crisis' is over.

Interesting times, my friends.