Last political post, I promise

I'm going to say this, and then I'm going to leave the political shit off this blog for the rest of the time it exists. This is a promise to you, my reader (singular). If I ever get my political dander up, I'll start a new blog called Joe Can't Keep His Big Mouth Shut About Politics and put it there, but as for this one, I know you don't come here to read my thoughts on politics. So I'll say this and I'm done:

  • If you believe that Barak Obama is "affiliated with" Bill Ayers (of the weathermen), and thus supports terrorism;
  • If you believe that Obama is a Muslim;
  • If you believe that Obama is a socialist bent on reviving the communist party in America;

You are a racist who does not want a black man as president, and are using these bullshit arguments to screen your inherent racism.

I am not a Democrat, and I am not an "Obama supporter" - I do not like John McCain because he lost his nuts in South Carolina in 2000 and allowed Karl Rove, Cheney and Bush to black-ball him into backing down on knocking them out of the race, and has played the patsy to them ever since.

I do not like Sarah Palin because... Well fuck, I guess it's because I actually THINK and I don't see her as being even the slightest bit qualified to run a PTA meeting, much less have a tiebreaking vote in congress or, God forbid, take over the office of the presidency if McCain were to die.

I am voting for a major party for the first time since I've been allowed to vote because a) the Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr, is a fuckstick with not a single honest bone in his body and b) the Republican candidate is John McCain and his running mate is Sarah "I'm so pretty and cute, gosh darnit!" Palin.

And if you aren't voting Obama because of his policy on healthcare, or his tax policy (which would rock, because that means someone making over $250,000 a year reads my blog - PLEASE send me money! I need a backer), or because Biden just rubs you the wrong way, you're one of the 20% who thinks the nation's current administration is a-ok, which makes you... Well, I don't want to call you stupid, because of the chance of you making more than $250,000 a year and possibly sending me money.

But if you're not voting for him because of one of the three reasons I mentioned at the beginning, you should just come clean and admit you don't like them coloreds. Because you're a racist who can't admit they're a racist.

Either that or you're a fucking moron, but I doubt that since you're reading this on a computer, and it takes at least an IQ of 80 to turn one on and work it.

And that's it. That's my last political post ever.