I have to stop. THIS has to stop.

(This is not a political post. This is my recounting my media intake this week. So hush.)

The G7 and G20 are meeting in DC this weekend to discuss a massive overhaul of banking and lending institutions - worldwide. The Dow has lost any and all value it has built since 1995. One presidential candidate, in an effort to turn his slumping poll numbers around, has sufficiently convinced his predominantly-white, predominantly-uneducated base that Obama is an Arab terrorist hell-bent on destroying our nation - and is now backtracking due to realizing the tiger he has let out of his cage (and by the way, he's part of the only ticket in history where both candidates have been found to have violated ethics standards before a national election).

We have United States Army troops deployed - not stationed, DEPLOYED - for operations on US Soil for the first time since the Civil War, actively spitting in the face of the Posse Comitatius act. The president has now, in his sole possession and at his sole discretionary spending, 100 billion dollars from the 810 billion dollar bailout passed last week.

I can't keep watching this shit. I can't keep reading it. I seriously have to get away from it. It's driving me up the wall. I should probably cancel DirecTV, disconnect from the internet, and go play football all day for the next 3 months, hoping my way of life doesn't change and everything will be alright.

But I can't do that. I SHOULDN'T do that. That's a horrible thing to do. In fact, it's utterly unpatriotic.

I am a patriot. Not a "Patriot" but a patriot. I don't need my news programming to be wrapped in red, white and blue with pundits yelling at me all day to tell me how much I love my country. I don't need to wear American flag underwear or adhere to the nonsense jingoistic bullshit that has somehow replaced true, honest to God concern and love for this nation and the document which founded it, our Constitution.

I actively hate everything that's taking place right now. I hate the idea that we even have to talk about troops deployed on our own soil, or the risk of a president who now has his own funds and own police force deciding he doesn't want to leave office. I hate that we have to consider the topic of a World Bank due to events happing globally due to insane lack of oversight by the people we elected to do that very thing. I hate that my friends are being laid off from jobs they've worked five, ten, twenty years because their companies can't get access to credit to pay payroll, due to this insane greed-and-incompetence-based economic collapse.

And I'm sitting here blogging about it, because I actually have no idea what to do about it. It's gotten so big and so rotten, I haven't the first clue what the response should actually be. Part of me wants to get a bunch of like-minded folks and march on Washington and show these lazy civil servants of ours who the real boss is. Part of me wants to stock up on food and water and Xbox games and just ride it out.

There is no reason whatsoever why a guy who got his start writing about poop left in toilets and porn on Wal-Mart televisions; who makes his daily appearance on the net with stupid observations about bubble gum expiration dates and handshake secrets between men, should get to the point where he's blogging about the state of the fucking union. That's not supposed to be my role. My role is making you laugh at the banality of life and my absurd talent in finding my way into the dumbest situations imaginable.

But we're all there now. We're ALL in the dumbest situation imaginable... This is not our fathers' America, folks. Things are changing... They HAVE changed. We're in the history books right this very moment. We are teetering on the brink of a massive change in direction here. I'm not suggesting a New World Order is being disuccsed in DC this weekend, and I'm not saying it'll be Martial Law -- I'm saying we're at a point where we are actually having a disucssion considering it and how absurd or real the idea might be - AND THAT SHOULDN'T BE HAPPENING IN OUR COUNTRY.

Not us. Not US.

This shouldn't be happening. And it is. And I wonder what we're all going to do about it.