Waiting in line for gas

I had half a tank of gas when I left the gym, and I knew I'd be driving around quite a lot this weekend so I thought I'd top off. I pulled in and noticed a lot of people camped out at pumps with bags over them. Then I spotted the tanker and caught on - this was probably my best chance to get gas for a while.


*** Update 2:50 PM ***

After leaving the station, I saw a few other stations that were receiving gas, and the associated lines that formed:

This is a BP on the back roads from the gym to my house. Tanker wasn't even there yet, according to a guy I asked, there was a rumor that it was on the way. Word spreads fast in the rural parts of the state.

This Texaco has no-one, and according to the guy in the store, they won't be getting a shipment until Tuesday at the earliest. That's really sad, especially since the BP just across the street (not the same as the one above) just got a shipment:

This is from the side entrance... the line actually extends all the way back about 15 car lengths.