An interesting week to say the least

My wife has been in Galveston TX and Beaumont, TX helping their respective Humane Societies and ASPCAs recover from Hurricane Ike all week.

When my wife is gone, I don't sleep.

Like, seriously. I go to bed at 4, and I get up at 6 or 7. I spend 3 hours a day at the gym, and the rest of the time, I'm working on crap (obviously not stories, I know - I'm just completely stuck on writing right now). So it's been a sleep deprived week for me.

However, I did get a lot of work done. I closed two long-standing contracts this month, freeing myself up for football and writing going forward. I also broke personal records in the gym that aren't just records, but milestones I NEVER thought I'd reach. You can ask any guy who works out - progress in the gym is measured by the number of 45 pound plates on either side of the bar, and I put a number of plates on bench, squat and power clean I NEVER thought I'd get. Ever.

My grandfather (my mother's father) passed this week. It wasn't a surprise - he's been sick for a while, and we expected it. And for the past few years, there's been some tough going in our relationship - but whats interesting is that the moment he passed, all of that stuff went out of my head. All I remember is the good stuff. And he did great things, and I miss that part of him.

I acquired some new Akira animation cels, and got the sleeve on my arm detailed quite a bit - pics coming soon. And the Anime Weekend Atlanta was fantastic - I met some great people, some really good artists. And the sleeve presented well. I was very happy.

I have been returning to the drawing table for the first time in nearly 10 years. I don't talk much about my drawerings, but I used to do quite a lot of comic and cartoon illustration when I was younger. It was a passion of mine. I had an opportunity to do some comic work on a much larger scale (national syndication), and I freaked out so bad I quit drawing altogether.

Stupid, I know. But if you've read the intro to my book, you know that I did the same thing with writing when I realized people were reading what I do. And my wife pretty much saved the book from going into file 13. And if I'm that big a sissy about silly stories about my life on the internet, and I'm only NOW getting back into drawing cartoons and comics, you can imagine how sensitive I am about that crap.

I remember my grandfather once walked in while I was drawing a spiderman vs. wolverine story - I was about 13 or 14 at the time - and he took a look over my shoulder, and he said "You're looking at your Mercedes right there."

I said "huh?"

He just smiled.

I said "I don't like Mercedes... I want a Porsche."

He said "You'll need to work a little harder for that... You can't fit in a Porsche, and they'll have to customize it for you." He then walked out of the room.

I'm 31 now, and I make the majority of my living in design and information architecture, with some coming from writing. Thinking back on that moment, I finally got what the hell he was talking about.

He was saying I was a fatass. But that's okay, because he supported my sports endeavors as well. And I find it odd that, on a week where I overcame a pretty big hurdle with my drawing and obliterated old personal records in the gym, he passed.

He once saved my life, you know. Or rather, you don't, because I could never bring myself to write that story (it's the missing part 3 of the "Ex-Peacock" stories). He also named me Anonymous when I was born, because I had to be transferred to another hospital and he pre-registered me there. There is a copy of a birth certificate for me with the name Ad Nom Bar Joseph (Anonymous, except for Joseph).

He loved doing that sort of thing.

I'll miss him, and I love the support he gave me.

Sorry for the rambling. I'll be cohesive later. I blame the bourbon.