Out of it, and back into it

So, the back injury took a lot more out of me than I realized or imagined it would.

I still have no clue what I actually did, and the doctor and the massage therapist peoples both say it's just one of those cramps that happen - but this particular muscle is underneath the surface muscles, and there's no real way to stretch it or work it out. So I basically had to suffer.

I took Ibuprofen for the first part, and after the doctor, I finally got convinced to try a muscle relaxer. I'm NOT a fan of pills or "altered mindstates" or whatever you want to say to mean I'm not going to go druggin' it up. But with this, my doctor explained that I have to do something to get that knot to release, so I tried this Balcofen stuff.

It's kinda strange - all three times that I can remember being under the influence of anything whatsoever, it feels like a startling revelation that I don't like not being in control. This was no different - I was keenly aware of my body beginning to feel somewhat loose and numb. It felt, as all of my experiences have previous, that I was falling into a pit, and I couldn't stop myself. It wasn't scary, because I could still see my room and the Olympics and whatnot, but it definitely wasn't something I would consider comfortable or fun.

I guess I'm just not that sort of guy.

It did help, though. As uncomfortable as it was to take the pills, it seemed to me that I could either sit and suffer and be helpless to fix the problem myself, or take something that would chemically release the muscle and make it stop acting like a whiny brat.

I will admit though... When the doctor said the name of the drug, I did get a little excited that I was going to get some BALCO. BIGGER... STRONGER... FASTER...

But oh well. I guess I'll have to stick to protein and whatnot for a while.