Here's a secret...

Bloggers don't read bloggers.

It's just how it goes. When you're so self-absorbed as to think what YOU say matters to the general populace of the planet, you can't be bothered with the trifles of others who think they're so damn important. You're the one saving the planet one post at a time, not them, etc. and so forth. It's just how narcissism works.

Anyway, I say this to frame the following announcement - I just subscribed to Overthinking It, my 4th ever blog subscription in the over 15 years I've been using the internet, and over 7 years that the term existed. And this is the post that got me: The philosophy of Batman.

Don't get me wrong, I read blog posts all the time. But I don't subscribe to them - I don't really get into following a blog, unless it's Seth Godin, MMAFrenzy, or Photoshop Disasters - and that last one, I only subscribed to last week, after enough quality posts convinced me to put it on my radar.

And now, Overthinking It is on the list. And it's not just because of the Batman post. The Batman post was... I mean... It's just fantastic. The writer REALLY knows his philosophy, and it's not just because he knows Neitzche and Schopenhauer and Kant and The Federalist Papers... It's because he actually understands what the hell is going on in them - all of them, and how they relate to one another. It's not just material to him... It's not just shit he read when he was depressed and/or feeling superior to the rest of the planet because he 'gets it' - he actually DOES get it, which is why nothing he writes feels lofty or 'superior'. It's just good.

I like it, anyway. If nothing else, read the batman thing. Or, if you don't do that, check out the LOLJoker bit. That's funny.