Guess who's pathetic?

I design for a living.

I have been turning in sketches and comps of layouts for websites, applications, logos, magazine ads, press pages, and all kinds of other crap for nearly 10 years.

I still can't bear the thought of anyone - including my wife - looking at my character sketches for a comic book. It SERIOUSLY makes me want to vomit to think about it.

It's always been this way. In fact, believe it or not, it was that way with my writing for a long, long time. Andrea really helped, as did people's interest in some of the stories I emailed around back in the early part of 2000. But even now, I get nervous when I post stuff to MI (especially if it's been a while, like now).

But with the comic book stuff... Yeech. It borders on a phobia, honestly. And its specifically comics / comic strips that get me this way. Want me to do a character rough for a logo or ad or storyboard? Fine!

Want a comic panel or page penciled? Puke.