The 15 year tattoo, part 7 (final)


Seems like yesterday that I walked into A.B.T. Tattoo and met Todo, and this all started, but after 7 sessions, the sleeve is pretty much complete. There's still about 5 hours of touchup to do, but for all intents and purposes... This is it. (You can view the whole process in pictures here)

I am pleased to show you the completed vision. But first, the 7th sesson:

This shows the final bit of the smoke and landscape as the city of Neo-Tokyo explodes when Akira goes off.

And now, the full sleeve - a masterwork by the legendary Todo:

One day, I'll do a post on why this tattoo, what each of the pieces mean (both in the story and in my particular design) and whatnot, but for now, I'm beat.