What the hell good is ProCare?

Because the new iPhone is debuting tomorrow, the fine staff at the Apple store couldn't see me about my failed iPod. They had to take all appointments today, because they're taking none tomorrow.

I understand that.

What I DON'T understand is the fact that this also applied to ProCare members. For the uninitiated, ProCare is a $99.00 a year membership you can buy to automatically move you to the front of the line for support. It is supposed to absolutely guarantee that, even if every scheduled appointment is full, you WILL be seen for support that day. It's basically a hall pass for your problems.

And my problem - at 1:00 in the afternoon, mind you, not near closing - was with a two-week-old iPod classic 160gb that has a failed hard drive. It's clicking and whirring and generally not ever going to work ever ever. And when I explained this to the staff, all they could tell me was "Sorry, we can't help you, iPhone debuts tomorrow, yadda yadda." I whipped out my ProCare card and they simply shrugged. "We can ask a manager, but it won't help, tomrorow's iPhone launch blah blah go fuck yourself, you wasted your hundred bucks."

That's just plain absurd.

I'm really becoming disenchanted with Apple.