Just a little rant

(I'm doing a bit of work for my friend Lori, and she had a page that was designed specifically for IE6 that needs to be tweaked to not look like complete crap in IE7. This is our conversation)
joe peacock: i have no idea why there wasn't a company-wide mandate at [company] the nanosecond IE7 came out that everyone ditch ie6

joe peacock: ie6 is pretty much the Bush Administration of web browsers

lori: ha, yeah, there are a lot of people who agree with you!

joe peacock: yeah, like, the whole internet

joe peacock: ie6 is a horrible prank gone terribly wrong. At least ie7 just has "nuances" that are a bit retarded. IE6 is just a spastic retarded baby goat bleating throughout the night, keeping you awake

lori: *grin*

joe peacock: i'm not making a joke, I'm being absolutely terribly honest

joe peacock: if I could go back in time and slay the parents of the man (or men) who thought that absolutely violating all known standards of DOM and grid display was a terrific way to lock market share, I'd probably not do it because then it'd change other events, like the invention of almond extract or something

joe peacock: and i like almond

joe peacock: but still, i hate those guys
* * *

It saddens me deeply that, in the middle of 2008, we even have to have this conversation.