Helping an old lady cross the street

A little bit of my faith in humanity was reaffirmed today.

I stopped at the driveway to pull into the Aurora Coffee House here in Little Five Points, when I saw an old lady take a step out into the street. I knew the second her foot left the curb that it was going to end badly, and sure enough, I was right - she stumbled and hit the asphalt, right in front of one of five lanes of traffic.

I was aghast - I wanted to immediately get out and help her, but I couldn't block up my side of the road. So I pulled in and ran back, and I was totally blown away.

The entire roadway shut down.

I was very impressed. People hopped out and we all helped this lady collect her things and get oriented, then, en masse, we helped her cross the road.

I feel good about us. Our humanity hasn't been totally stripped away by modern convenience and American Gladiators.

It's a good day.