Another little rant

I think everyone who even dabbles a bit in web development is sick to death of web 2.0.

I love the concepts. I love some of the designs. I hate the cliches and bandwagons. I hate the termdropping and buzzwords and wrong-size-shoe for wrong-sized-horse (like Dr. Pepper launching a "social networking" site... COME ON...).

But the one thing that is making me sick beyond belief - the ONE thing that just makes me scream each and very fucking time I see it?


Do you really want to use "Beta" software on something that "Can help you and your business succeed"? I mean REALLY? Doesn't "Beta" usually mean "We are releasing this for field testing, but do not stand behind it - we make no warranties whatsoever, and you use it at your own risk?"

Do you really want to trust a service like this that prematurely launches its software to millions? And if they're not prematurely launching it and are only using BETA per the Web 2.0 Book Of Cliches, do you trust THAT sort of nonsense?

Some kid's college project Battle Chess game using characters from Battlestar Galactica... Ok, sure. Beta.

Visa Business on Facebook? Gmail? Any of the thousands of VC-funded publically-used products who have been in "beta" for years now?

Really... Just stop. It's GOLD, and you know it.

And if it actually IS beta, don't release it to the masses. And if you DO release it, certainly you shouldn't be making one red cent off it, since you don't offer a warranty and direct us to use it at our own risk. And if you DO offer a warranty... Well, that's GOLD software, isn't it?

"Beta" just means: "We want you to use this and we want to get whatever value we're launching it to get, but when it breaks, don't cry to us." It's lazy and avoidant and allows for income without responsibility.