What a problem to have

I've scrapped and re-written today's MI story 4 times now. I cannot get it together to get this story out.

The problem - I've been working really hard on the comic book storyline / script thing lately, and it's ALL I can think about. It's just locked in my head... I can't get rid of it, no matter what I do. I just keep thinking up all these nuances for my characters, bits of plot and dialogue keep floating in the way of the story due today.

I think this might be the first time that I've actually had problems writing because I can't stop writing. It's interesting.

Of course, I'm tempted to just ride this wave and keep working on the other project, since the juices are flowing and I'm in that zone. But today is the dealine - I owe the community a story TODAY. That's not something I'm going to take lightly, not anymore. Not if I want to be a REAL writerboy and not just some jackleg dork who plays with words now and again.