Reward for finally writing (or, "Why I Write, Part 28177")

Two private messages and one email from folks, with the important parts (well, important to me) bolded:

From: JJBattoe
To: Joe the Peacock
Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 3:18 pm
Subject: Re: Heya!
Haha, I was gonna say, this came a little later than expected. Not sure if this is some automated message or what, but if not, just like to let you know I really love your site. I love the idea of how the books are voted on, edited, etc. by the people actually planning on reading it. The stories are (for the most part) well written, and quite a few of them I could relate to easily. The comedic style is great, but the subject matter is what truly keeps me reading them. I have aspirations of becoming a writer myself someday, and reading these stories has really encouraged me to pursue that dream. I hope this site continues to run for years, and hopefully gets updated a little more frequently icon_wink.gif In any case, thanks for all the entertainment, and PLEASE KEEP WRITING!!! Also, I'm sure they are harder to write, literally and emotionally, but the stories like "Just Visiting" are my favorites, and I think by writing some more of these along with the stories currently dominating your site, you could attract a whole new audience (which is good for everyone). This message may sound a little corny and whatnot, but everything I said was truly sincere. This site even helped inspire a paper I did recently for English! So once again, thanks for doing this, and I hope you have as much fun writing for this site as I have reading about your life experiences!
* * *
From: TitsMcGee
To: Joe the Peacock
Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:30 am
Subject: Re: Heya!

Love the site so far. Not sure about the forums, since I spend a majority of the time reading the stories. Just finished the first book (literally, just 5 minutes ago. And I'm at work....obviously not getting much accomplished), I'll definitely be buying a copy. I'm the type of person who, if I like it, will read a book 35 times. In a row. In one sitting. This is definitely one of "those" types of books, so I'll need to get a hard copy so that I don't have to boot up my computer every time I want to read it. icon_smile.gif
Now that I'm done the book, though, I have to go through and read all of the stories that didn't make it in.

I initially found your site through Zug. I read the WalMart story a loooong time ago and was re-reading it the other day (while at work, again, not working) when I noticed the link to your site at the very bottom of the story. I hadn't noticed it the last time I read the story, so I went ahead and clicked it. When the page loaded and I realized you had an obscene amount of stories on here, I was like "JACKPOT!!" I was also surprised while reading through the book - I'm positive I've read your "Turning Japanese" story somewhere before, but I can't remember where. I was like "YAY, I know this one!" and got excited for some ridiculous reason that I can't explain.
I'm complicated.

Anyway, so yeah, love the site and I'll definitely be sticking around to see what stories you put out next. icon_smile.gif

* * *

Subject: It's all your fault
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 16:37:40 -0400
From: P., Jim <address>
To: <joe@joethepeacoch.com>

I want to thank you (and blame you) for the past hour entertainment. I was doing my job diligently searching for an Information Architect for a client in Atlanta, and ran by your Linked In thingy as you call it. Reading your profile got me interested in what you do, so I clicked on your web link. I know my peers figured out from the snickers, that turned to laughs, that I was not questioning a candidate on their Human Experience skills.

I now have to schedule time to read all the stuff you wrote after the Cow story. If I get fired due to lack of production, can I be your agent?

Seriously, very funny stuff.


*Jim P.*

Technical Recruiter
Celebrating 20 Years of Success (1988 - 2008)

* * *

Thank you. Not just to the folks who sent these kind messages (who probably had no idea that today was my first story in a month, following a rather intense bout of writer's block), but to everyone who has stood by me for all this time.

Okay, enough mushy mush. More pics of grilled food and computer equipment to follow.