Does anyone proofread anymore? Ever?

Jeremy sent me a link to this article in the Daily Mail about a heron swooping down and eating a baby duckling.

Sad, I know, but such is nature. Plus, have you ever had duckling? It's ambrosia. I don't even defeather them, I just toss them right in the blender with protein powder for morning smoothies. Anyway...

The part that got me was just how large the mama duck and her ducklings are. They're HUGE, when you stack them against that heron. Of course, there's nothing in the background to give you perspective, but the "journalist" who penned this story thankfully mentions that the bird has a wingspan of 70-80 feet. That makes this breed of heron larger than every plane in Piper's production line.

Here, a piper and a heron are seen indulging in a little competitive duckling hunting.
Why no, this is not a photoshop job. The Daily Mail says so.

Consequently, that makes those ducklings the size of a medium sized dog.

Either that, or someone at the Daily Mail fucked up... Again.

In the interest of posterity (which is funny, because I doubt the Daily Mail cares enough to correct it), here's the original text from the article (emphasis mine):

Herons, which are wading birds, usually eat mainly fish or frogs and only occasionally bolster their meals with small mammals or birds.

With a wingspan of between 70 to 80ft, they are terrifying to smaller animals and birds when in full flight.