Concern Debt

I have gone from being the most in-touch person I knew to the most out-of-touch person I know, all because of my decision to remove all the RSS and news feeds I used to subscribe to.

I don't watch much television - I got almost all my news from the net. And now, I am so blind to world events that I didn't even know that most of Iowa is underwater. I just happened to catch the news at my parents' place yesterday.

This filled me with some dread, as I have a few friends and some family who live there. So I spent this morning trying to get in touch with everyone I knew in the great corn state and making sure all was okay with them. And the worst part about all of this isn't that they could be flooded out of house and home, or worse - injured or dead. No. The worst part?

I am rude, because they all asked about us when the tornado ripped through Atlanta a while back.

So now, I'm in pretty severe concern-hock. I'm in debt up to my elbows when it comes to asking about the well-being of my Iowan friends and family. And that sucks, cause I totally had the upper hand on ALL of them (especially Rachel, who not only owes me for messing with her IM-stalker, but for beating her soundly in Facebook poke wars).

Damn. Stupid flood, and stupid New Years' resolutions.