Akira - DiVX with original VHS dub!

Ok, if you've been curious about the whole Akira thing, I've found a little present for you:

The entire movie on Google Video, complete with the ORIGINAL dub from the VHS (which is vastly superior). The uploader ripped the DVD for DiVX video, then put the original soundtrack to it, creating a fantastic viewing experience... For free :)

I've you've never seen it before and are a fan of anime (or just animation in general)... Get ready to have your mind blown.

If you've only seen the DVD and never got to see the theatrical screenings or VHS dub, this soundtrack and voice crew are FAR superior to the ones Pioneer used for the DVD release. This guy has a great write-up on the debacle. The original dub has Kaneda's voice done by the guy who did Leonardo's voice on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I forget the guy's name, and don't feel like Googling). The new one... Well, it's just flaccid.

So, there you go, enjoy :)


Cam Clarke. That's the guy who did Leonardo in TMNT. I couldn't just let it go. So there, now you know.