A typical Joe day

So, after getting a flat at the gym early this morning, AAA stripped the lugnuts while trying to get the wheel off. If that doesn't sound bad to you, basically it means that they could get the wheel OFF, but the lugs were now ruined - meaning you couldn't keep the spare ON.

Now, I could have had them tow the truck to the shop, but after 5 miles, it's expensive. So, I figured I'd have my wife come get me to go get lug nuts. I mean, they're lug nuts, right? You should be able to get lug nuts for any kind of car at any automotive shop...

...I'll spare you the story. You can't.

The Ram 1500 has steel-coated lugs, and I guess they're not standard in stores. I even went to TWO Dodge dealerships, both of which didn't have any. But this odd little store 3 towns away did (and my thanks to the 2nd Dodge dealership for actually calling around to find them for me).

Finally got the lugs. Finally got the spare on. Tired, tired, tired...

I get home, I lay down on my bed. I roll a little, and BOOM - the wood where the center rail is mounted just split and the box springs and mattress hit the ground.

It's just not been my day.