I've been on the road 13 of the past 16 weekends.

This has created for me a very interesting situation, in that I've figured out there's no way in hell I can actually write stories over the weekend for publishing on Monday on MI. There's other implications, like missing my wife and a huge backlog of housework and not seeing my nephew and whatnot, but really, the "write new stories" thing is the most pressing thing for me.

So, I've moved the publishing day to Wednesday. I'm hoping this will change the dynamics involved in my mental process and actually get stories up on the damn site. Right now, I'm 3 stories in hock (tomorrow will make 4 if OI don't post, which I will, so let's not even count it and just say 3). I'm not going to just let it go - I'm going to get caught up to the number I should be at based on my January promise of posting once a week.

Part of what's going to help that is the fact that, for the forseeable near-term, I'm home. It's going to feel like I have a TON of newfound time, especially since I'm not spending upwards of 8 hours each weekend driving to or from an airport, sitting in an airport, getting angry in an airport because I just got screwed over in an airport... Etcetera.

It's nice, really, because I'll have time to play with my new stuff... But I'll post more about that tonight, with pictures :)