Pain in my qASSia

I was sent this really cool link from a guy named Douglas Ellisworth:


You'll note from the URL that it's called "How to actually talk to athiests (if you're christian)."

Now, you'll probably remember that there was a simil... I mean IDENTICALLY titled article just like that one on this blog last month. And if you read the linked article, you might be able to identify a few passages that are... How would you say it... Familiar?

Now, this whole blog is covered under Creative Commons, so I don't care if people re-paste it or share it. Part of that license says you should give attribution, but I normally don't care about that or chase it down - if someone wants to pretend to be me, fine - they'll learn their lesson when refrigerators start falling out of the sky on their cars and PeTA cows steal their dinner. But when they're earning "Qassia Dollars" or any other form of currency doing so, I have to get a bit miffed.

So, there's that for the morning. How's your day going?