Oh, the irony...

There have been rumblings since last November about keyboard and trackpad issues with the Macbook Pro. I've not experienced any such issues... Until this morning.

At night, when I'm done writing (READ: chatting with jeremy about how I should be writing, but not actually writing), I drop the top on my lappy, put it in my handy-dandy laptop bag, and go to sleep. This has been the case since I bought the thing, and the only issue I've had with this particular workflow has been the occasional battery drain from leaving it on sleep for too long without plugging it up.

This morning, I had to go visit a client to do an emergency repair on some web crap I did for them a while back. Time was of the essence. I pulled out my laptop, opened the lid, and began to type my password...


Tried to use the trackpad. Nothing.

Rebooted. Tried again. Nothing.

So, here I was, thinking I was completely screwed, when I looked over and saw an unused PC sitting near me. I unplugged the keyboard and plugged it into my Macbook Pro, and lo! The external keyboard worked! Same with the mouse!

It was only about 2 minutes ago that I looked down and noticed what brand it was:

...Saved by the very company who turned me on to Apple in the first place.

(For those unfamiliar with why this is so damn ironic, I encourage you to read the entire saga. It's long, but if you're a Dell owner who's ever had to call tech support [or, if you just fancy yourself a connoisseur of breakfast cereals], it'll be right up your alley.)