We cleaned the grill for Memorial Day (I know, it's supposed to happen in spring, but we're lazy). We went to the massive warehouse shopping environment (CostCo) and bought a TON of meat to put into the freezer. For the past five days, I've been fire-roasting the holy shit out of all sorts of meat products.

It's been a happy, happy time... Which makes the sad news even sadder.

I woke up yesterday morning to find a gigantic puddle underneath my fridge/freezer. It turns out, the compressor coil for the freezer gave up the ghost, causing the ice to melt, which caused a "hotbox" sort of thing to happen with the humidity and the tepid temperature. Long story short, I lost a bunch of fine, tasty meat products in the crash.

And there is no backup for meat. No Time Machine, no rsync, no MozyForMeat.com...

I'm a sad Peacock.