Am I Broken?

It's actually an honest question - is there something inside me, something fundamental, that has quit working? Am I in need of repair?

As discussed in this forum post, it's probably not gone unnoticed that I haven't written anything book-wise in nearly three weeks. And the reason why is, I've surmised, that every time I sit down to write, I go through this mental checklist of nonsense which goes like this:

Why am I writing something new? There's a perfectly good story sitting in lawyer limbo right now that I should be posting.

You're writing because that story IS in lawyer limbo, and you need to get stuff up in its stead.

Fine, but what's to stop this new thing from being cast into lawyer limbo as well?

(onset of paralysis)

Now, I know that the story that's been held up has a fairly big reason for being so, but it doesn't stop me from enacting some horrific flash-analysis of every single word I try to type. It causes these insane chains of thought that bounce from "Will this get a legal review?" to "Ok, fine, no legal review, but what if X person in the story takes exception?" to "Well, they said it was ok, but people change their minds" to "Everything I'm writing could get me sued and hated and yelled at by everyone on earth."

It's ridiculous. I mean, utterly and completely ridiculous, on many many levels. First, it's stupidly self-indulgent. Second, it's a slippery slope of stupid crap that is irrelevant and actually doesn't matter. But both of those points, and all points associated, are based in logic... And as near as I can tell, this thing I'm going through has absolutely no regard for logic or any of its trappings. It just persists regardless. And I just plain don't know how to fix it.