You know what MIM stands for?

It stands for "Bad Idea."

I know the letters don't quite work out, but that's how it goes sometimes. But it didn't originally stand for that. Originally, it stood for "Mentally Incontinent Magazine," which was an attempt (and I stress the word "attempt" as hard as I possibly can) to create a physical incarnation of Mentally Incontinent, put it out once a month, and share with people my "non-Joe's-Life" writing.

It was an unmitigated disaster.

48 pages of material does not fill itself. It especially does not fill itself each month. And even if it did fill itself, it certainly will not print itself out, fold itself over, design and print a glossy cover, put staples in itself, and hop into an envelope and ship itself to subscribers.

And even if it did, it most DEFINITELY wouldn't pay for all of that itself, because 48 pages of material? It's a stingy bastard.

Anyway, I just found a box of leftovers of this horrible concept in my attic, and it made me laugh a little.

If you would like one for yourself, here's a little guide on how to get it:
  1. download this PDF of issue #0
  2. Open your printer's paper drawer and draw an "X" on the top piece, upper-left corner
  3. print a single page - look at which side the "X" ended up on, and what corner. This will tell you both the direction and the "face down/face up" feed setting of your printer.
  4. Now, print the downloaded PDF for #0, but tell your printer to only print "even numbered pages"
  5. take all the even numbered pages that were just printed out, stick them back into your paper tray (remember to check if your printer takes paper face-up or face-down)
  6. tell your printer to only print "odd numbered pages"
  7. fold over
  8. staple (if you want)
  9. ENJOY!