That's no garage... That's a workshop

I hate yard sales.

I recognize that yard sales are a fairly irrational thing to hate, and that's fine. I don't need you to understand why I hate them for me to hate them. But I'll tell you why anyway - yard sales are, by their very nature, offensive to me. They're comprised of stuff someone doesn't want in their house - stuff that sucks, stuff that's broken, stuff that they have deemed no longer worth of being in their presence. And they're selling it to YOU, as if you're the class of person who buys things that suck.

Now, that's how I feel about other peoples' yardsales - so you can imagine how I feel when my wife, year after year, does yard sales for our chosen charity that consist of donated items from tri-neighborhood area. Here we have crap someone doesn't want in THEIR house being stored en mass in my garage. Couple that with my wife's inability to spot items that won't ever sell in a million years, along with her inability to tell people "no, we won't take this," and you end up with shit like an entire house worth of plastic white blinds. Or moldy brass light fixtures from the end of a driveway. Or collections of GI Joe figures with missing arms, legs and crotch pieces.

So you can imagine how liberating I found it today to FINALLY clear out nearly two years' worth of collected yard sale crap and turn my garage into the workshop / gym I always wanted.

And yes, I have Andrea's blessing.

Well, maybe not. But she's out of town and couldn't stop it, and I had some sympathy in th bank since I couldn't go to Notacon due to my flight being delayed into oblivion on Friday... So that's close enough.