A simple rule of sports-fan ettiquette...

When you know someone's into a team - let's say it's the New York Rangers, for instance... And lets say this team has made it into the playoffs, and furthermore, you know that the fan is watching every single game.

In this age of TiVO and time-shifted programming, it is proper etiquette, within 24 hours of the end of the game, to ask "Say, did you catch the game?" or even "Are you watching the game?"

Not "The Rangers only need one more game to advance." Or "I saw the Rangers won." Or anything else that betrays the outcome of the game. That's just wrong.

Especially while the person is actively watching the recording of the game.

Not only is it impolite, it could also cause damage to the person's television and computer, as they are likely to lob their laptop into the tv screen.

So, like... Don't do that shit. Okay, Mike?