MI Vegas Fun - Day 2 Recap

The book signing in Vegas was my favorite. Not just my favorite part of the day, but my favorite signing so far. Matt Galloway was there with me, and the vibe was fantastic, we had about 30 folks in all just for the MI book. The store was VERY into the event, and gave us the whole cafe to talk and sign. Customers and walkers-by would stop and hang out to hear me and Matt tell our stories and generally just be silly. In all, about 70 or so people gathered around to hear the stories and laugh and just enjoy life for a while. Thank God for Tricia (chickenlittle) and Grace (grace) for having their cars handy to cart us around.

After that, we all went to lunch at In-and-Out Burger, which is absolutely the finest burger one can get on this planet ever ever. Afterward, we went to Jessie and Jon's Elvis wedding, which was hilariously campy. The Elvis held an iPod in his hand the entire time with a long RCA cable spooled to a goofy amp setup, and every time he went to choose a song, the "click" would blast through the PA. I ended up giving Jessie away for the wedding, which in and of itself was funny. The couple laughed and had fun and did kissyface and whatnot.

Then we went gamblin'.

I'll spare you the long and boring details - I ended my night with a little under $700 in winnings from the craps table. To top it all off, I ended my night with a private concert by the one and only Grace Kennedy, who is not only a good friend, but one of the most amazing singer/songwriters you've never heard of. I want to do a full writeup on this wonderful songstress, and will do so in a separate article because I really want to do both her and her music justice... For now, go to her site and listen to "Just me" and "Don't bother", which will both absolutely own your soul.

Yes, I'm a total fanboy.

Not a bad night, for sure.

So yeah, yesterday totally ruled.

I'll do today's recap tomorrow, cause then it'll be a recap, not just a cap cap.