MI Vegas Fun - Day 1 Recap

So, we're here in Vegas. Last night was fun - we all went to Gameworks and played some air hockey and pool and goofy arcade games from the 90's, then drank a bit of Guinness and watched the NHL Playoffs before heading off to Penn and Teller.

There was a bit of a ticketing and scheduling scare with P&T. The box office insisted that we arrive by 8:30 PM to get our tickets, and we were all running a bit behind after a slight "wardrobe malfunction" on the part of the classless gaggle of guys who didn't realize they were supposed to dress a bit more classy for the occasion (I won't names names, mostly because I refuse to speak about myself in the third person).

Our last two folks showed up about 7:45, and I had to get them checked in - so everyone else went to the hotel and I opted to catch up via cab. One problem - I was the holder of the magical and mysterious credit card and the reservation for the tickets, which I'm sure gives you plenty of forewarning of what I'm going to write next.

After getting everyone settled, Grace, Marc and I ended up getting into a cab with a driver who has only been in Vegas for 3 months, was hard of hearing, and paused right in front of the Rio Hotel before taking us an extra mile and a half to the Palms. Now, he claimed he was hurrying through traffic, which entitled him to the full payment of $14.15, even though the meter read $10.20 when he was paused in front of our ACTUAL destination. Furthermore, he claimed that he didn't hear us ask, then insist, then YELL about the fact that we were not at the Rio, but instead at the Palms. And lastly, he claimed that he's now stuck in a Taxi queue, so he couldn't actually turn around and take us to the proper destination.

This was at 8:31 PM, a full minute after I was supposed to be there to get everyone's tickets.

So, we did what we could and ran about a mile and a quarter to make it to the box office, who were gracious enough to let us proceed to see a great comedy/magic show.

Also, throughout the day, we collected a TON of nudie girl ad-cards, and have been using them to play an impromptu and much-improved version of Magic: The Gathering.

All-in-all, Friday was a blast.

Today, I'm doing a short signing at the UNLV Barnes and Noble at noon, followed by a pre-wedding ceremony for Jessie (Jezibelle) and Jon by Elvis. And after that, I think we're going to go to a weapons range and fire an AK-47 - the Canadians in the group are frothing at the mouth to get their hands on fully automatic weaponry.

I'm fearful.