Logan International Airport Is Complete Bullshit

So, guess who was "randomly" selected for "random security screening" this morning? "Randomly?"

This has been a terrific morning. The shuttle was late picking me up from the airport, he dropped me off at the wrong terminal (B, instead of A, I presume because he saw the "American Airlines" stickers and crap all over my bag, but American booked me on Delta for today... Whatever), and because Logan has NO form of tram or shuttle, I got the extreme pleasure of walking across the entire airport, where I was told by the automated ticketing machine that there would be no automation in my ticketing today.

So I go wait in another line and get the distinct privledge of having a lady tell me all sorts of nonsense about regulations and whatnot, and after finally getting a "Seat Request" (not the same as a seat, mind you, because this is MY life, not a normal person's), I get to security where the funny little man at the kiosk informs me that the TSA will be going through all my luggage and whatnot, due to a "random" security check that has absolutely nothing to do with my behavior yesterday.

I was pat down by a friendly young man who lingered a little too long around my biceps, and my laptop got a nice swabbing to ensure I didn't accidentally pack some black powder into it for some reason or another. But hey - at least the fingergrease smudges around the edges are clean... er.

SO! If you find yourself with a "seat request" with a string of four s's on it (SSSS), get ready to be rubbed tender in the middle of the airport.

In other news, I've just become the biggest Yankees fan on the planet, because fuck Boston.


...They just moved the flight to Atlanta from gate A16 to A19. This may not sound like a big change to you, but A19 is located a mere 10 minute walk from A16.

I'm going to explode.