A little word-math problem...

Since I apparently have a good 30 or so minutes before I will finally talk to someone who can ACTUALLY help me, I thought I might take this opportunity to stimulate your brain and give you a little mid-morning word math problem to get your morning started right.

First, definitions:

- 'Point A' is defined as my home;

- 'Point B' is defined as the Forest Park DDS (Dept. of Driver Services) office;

- 'Point C' is defined as the Atlanta DDS (Dept. of Driver Services) office;

- 'Hell' is defined as the Union City courthouse (and all of Union City, actually)

Second, the parameters:

- A is 31 minutes from B, and 44 minutes from C.

- B and C apparently don't talk to Hell much.

- Hell is 45 minutes from A, 30 minutes from B, 40 minutes from C, and populated with fat, stupid, lazy, ignorant... You get the idea.

- Today is Tuesday.

And now, the problem:

If I take time away from working yesterday to travel to Hell at 12:00 to pay an old speeding ticket (63 in a 45) of $291.00 because they don't do pay by phone or internet, and after nearly an hour wait (despite being the only one there) Hell tells me I must travel to B THAT DAY to prove the ticket has been paid so I don't lose my license, and I go to B only to find that they are closed on Monday, so I get up early to go to B and wait another hour only to find that B doesn't do notifications or reinstatements, meaning that 1) Hell doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about and 2) I now have to go to C and wait another 40 minutes to get in the door so I can wait another 30 minutes to finally get this shit resolved, at what point do I give up and just mail bombs to B, C and Hell so I can live in a Federal Penitentary and never have to deal with this shit again?

Take your time answering... I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.