Hey, guess who's stuck!

Stuck in a two-seater plane on the runway at Logan (Boston) for at least another hour. Bonus: the air smells awful. At least I have the EVDO modem with me, so I can annoy all of YOU with my adventures in stagnation.

*** Update***

They just told us it'll be at least another hour before we could fly to LaGuardia. So, they're pulling us off the runway and into the terminal so we can "get more comfortable." I, for one, fail to see how I'm going to be more comfortable when I get off the plane, as I will have my right foot firmly lodged in the anus of someone at American Airlines.


***Update #2***

Oh, boy, are there updates... But I think that this event deserves to be an MI story. So, I'm going to write that right now and post it tonight. Once I do, I'll update again to point you to it so you can get the full story o' fury.