GOD do I love flying!

You know what rules harder than having to yank a laptop out of your bag, take off your belt and shoes, and explain what a 'Wacom' tablet is to a minimum-wage security dork on a power trip?

Having to do it twice in one flight because you're connecting through LaGuardia (New York), who hasn't yet figured out a 'single security checkpoint' strategy and has the joy-inducing scanner stations at each terminal... To compound how much this rocks, add to this the fact that American Airlines is too STUPID to gate me in the same terminal as my connection...

Just so you know, this frustration you're sensing isn't so much due to the fact that I have to deal with stupid security measures (come ON - what terrorost worth his salt is going to try the light-my-nikes-on-fire routine again???), but the fact that I've recently lost weight but am too stubborn to go buy even NEWER pants... So TWICE now, I've tripped over the cuff of my sagging,beltless, two-sizes-too-big jeans and literally mooned the folks behind me.