First day back syndrome (FDBS)

I've gone through this a few times now.

Have you ever gone to a place you used to go a lot, expecting to see faces and fixtures that were familiar to you - only to discover they've since remodeled and everyone's gone? It sucks, huh... Especially when you're taking your friend there, and all you've done for weeks is talk about that place like you're the expert on it.

Or, you go back to an old client, and you immediately start typing in addresses and looking for, say, code and images in the folders where they used to be - but they're not anymore, and you look like a dork.

The worst is with the gym - you go into the gym for the first time in months / years, and you immediately start doing the shit you used to do when you were working out 3/4/5 days a week... And for several days after, all you can lift is a spoon.

Well, I did that at the GenesisMMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gym tonight. I went in for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) class. Now, I've got a fair amount of Judo under my belt - and Judo and BJJ are very very similar. The major difference is that Judo has more rules on what you cannot do, and there are more throws involved... But otherwise, chokes are chokes, armbars are armbars, escapes are escapes... And even though I was extremely mindful of the gap-time between my last rondori and today, I still couldn't help sinking into old habits while rolling around with some of the guys.

And that got me into huge trouble - partly because there's a tremendous amount of rust in these old joints, and partly because I forgot that, in BJJ, you can bar the shoulder, wrist, knee, hip and ankle.

I must have left myself open to about 20 different submits... It SUCKED. I was getting beaten in very stupid ways by white belts. Not that there's anything wrong with beginning anything - I'm glad they got the chance to work their moves. The aggravation is with myself. I was stupid... I decided to go for some advanced and "risky" moves, and I got played every single time.

First Day Back Syndrome... It'll get you every time.