Downside/Upside, Vol. 1

Starting point: trying on your old judogi.

Downside: Discovering that, even though it's the largest non-custom size available (size 6), it will NOT fit around me.

Upside: It's not because I'm too fat.

Downside: still, I need a new gi, and to get a size 7 (which will actually fit), I have to order a) full quality and b) custom size, which is expensive.

Upside: It's shiny and new.

Downside: I look like a n00b at the gym in shiny and new gi.

Upside: Players at the gym don't expect that I know a little something about the sport, which means UNEXPECTED "SWEEP THE LEG" ACTION

Downside: No "you're the best around" music playing during leg sweep

Upside: No mean / dirty sensei beating me up after the tournament when leg sweep fails to defeat crane kick.

Downside: No Mr. Miyagi beating up dirty sensei who beat me up after the tournament

Upside: I've envoked Mr. Myiagi in my stupid list, meaning there is no higher point to be reached, thus ending this ridiculous list.